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Ladies and gentlemen: mr Salame!

Super late shift working on the first experimental batch: ladies and gentlemen... here is mr Salame al cioccolato, mr ChocoSalame, a traditional sweet recipe from my hometown in Italy: I have turned it vegan and it's already pretty much raw food, besides just melting the chocolate. I made a whole page for it.

It's a real treat for chocolate lovers...

I have been doing it for many years now but this batch turned out really nice: it's going to be for sale in Chiangmai at a new local market project for home made products and organic food. Indeed it's been a busy night... actually finishing at 5am and doing the packaging the next morning after very few hours of sleep. Good fun though!

This time, enriched by hempnuts, chia and brown rice flakes turned out really nice... adding on the usual mix of coconut crumbs, flax seed, peanuts, cashew nuts and almonds. It's possibly the most successful Ohme made production, that reached already many many friends around the world, all those I highly respect and love.

Do you want to try some?...

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