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Holy coconut!

Have you ever realized the fact that a coconut is just... a seed?!? One single unit, one shell containing the gift of Life of a holy plant! Indeed it's such an amazing plant that it's unbelievable: after drinking the fresh coconut water and scraping its delicious white "meat"... the shell and the husk are just fabulous materials for handcrafts of all kinds. 

This time I have challenged myself to open and "skin" it using only these two hand tools: a kitchen knife and a spatula. First you shave off all the husk for the tip of the coconut, then you can crack it using the back of the knife so that you can open it by hand: in this way there is no metal touching the inside and it's pure healthy taste doesn't get spoiled!

I was surprised of how handy is the spatula to shave the husk off: even if it's not sharp you can get to a really nice smooth feel only by passing the spatula... a bit at the time and it doesn't take that long! It's a nice handy trick to keep in mind and make more use of it from now on. 

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