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The first clay/straw day

 Payaka urban development

Already a week passed since the 22nd of July when we laid down the first two sections of clay/straw as a test of consistency of the clay. It's been a very important test for the earth-building restoration+renovation project of Payaka's buildings.
A very welcome and helpful team came willingly together and several other people passed by, checking it out with lots of interest. Follows a short sequence of pictures during the process and for those who can read japanese language here is a link to a friend's blog with other pictures, talking about it.

The clay/straw mix gets pressed down within
the frame, reaching for every little corner.

All the team (plus me taking the picture!) posing
during the action. Thank you all, very much indeed!
おつかれさま でした。

At the end of the day, working for about 6 hours plus some extra preparation time, this is the two sections completed, waiting for it to dry when we'll come back to check it out in a few months. Hopefully someone will keep an eye on it as it dries... I am quite positive after taking the following pictures, on the morning of the 23rd of July, just before leaving for Japan! See you in Chiangmai in October... 

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