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First frames in place

 Payaka urban development

Two sections of walls are ready to support the light clay/straw mix that will fill the frames. Shelves and further light openings are going to next in the walls. On the external wall it is especially sturdy, as the all pieces join together. 

Cutting teak wood by hand saw it is quite a task but with the fan blowing all day it was alright. It's amazing to think about this wood... all recycled from lumber yards and previous jobs done here on the buildings: some could really be various hundreds years old coming from big old teak trees. It's an amazing treasure and besides the tricks of the job it's nice to work with it.

The best we can do is to 
reuse it all, 
collect and properly manage the leftovers dust included
grow more trees! By the way on the spoiled pieces of teak wood, those that got completely drenched wet and started being munched by termites, well that sort of teak paste of which termite homes are actually made of, it looks like the perfect ingredient for a rich humus.
Teak saw dust sprinkled on our compost is a perfect quick solution in case of lack or lower harvest of dry matter to add to the pile. The plan for the more chunky pieces is to become biochar (wood charcoal) and be *stored* underground/in the ground, 
offsetting carbon dioxide too. You'll see... 

Anyway talking again about the frame, here is the solution I came up with to lock in the horizontal pieces: this guys are going to support the clay/straw wall both ways inwards and outwards, becoming included within the wall as it grows.
They can easily be wedged in when they are set into the wall. Hopefully it will work out just fine.


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