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Lovely music productions

Just finished recording and mixing on this date! Twenty-three days of sessions spread out on almost two months of time... but produced 2 awesome CDs for a couple of extremely talented japanese musicians that have been around already for quite sometime and surely are going to do so, more and more from now on...
 Ladies and gentlemen: Genjiro Hoshiya and Seto Yutaro!


Here is Genjiro during one the first sessions, recording acoustic guitar. His CD is extremely lovely and full of dynamics, played and sung from the heart with deep passion and very high Energy... pouring Love and good Vibes in every song!

Here is Seto-kun grooving on cajon.
His instrumental CD is a very bright concept of moods that flow, through the songs along a full day, from the "Good morning" intro song to the late night "Latin moon" ending song. Chill out, mellow ambient sounds filled with great guitars and catching grooves.
Indeed we had all kinds of difficulties along this time, but both productions turned out really nice and I am so glad and honoured to be part of these projects.

We had hardware failure (on the main interface, still to fix), tooth ache, heavy rains, bugs, geckos and various noises, visa runs and police blocks... but we passed all of that finally getting the songs together.

Thanks also to the support of various good friends that contributed in many ways, lending us their instruments and precious equipment for emergency recording, without which I woundn't have been able to proceed in these projects. We relied on a Zoom H4 portable recorder, getting the mixed sound of microphones from the preamp.
I had to rig an interesting octopus of connectors to allow multiple headphones outs and proceed with over dubbing. It looks dodgy of course... but it worked!
At the end of each sessions, the SD needed to be emptied out into the computer sequencer, creating various temporary pre-mix files to be used in the following takes... It's been a quite tedious and time consuming process but it's been fully worth all of these efforts, solving technical issues in some original way
 ...and here's my kids during one of the session in which they did a great background vocal chorus on a couple of songs.
Headphones on and stereo mic... catching the reverb of the bathroom, ready for the signal!
 ...but couldn't stop dancing!
They loved it and I am very proud of them too! Good job...

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