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Enjoying japanese alternative festivals

The japanese summer festival season has just finished for this year! So much giving thanks for this amazing opportunity we were given to come again to Japan and meet this gorgeously thriving Tribe & extended family that is roaming around campsite, enjoying Music and Nature, sharing truly the best moments of Life, caring for each other and all that is left behind! Follows a list of links to the photo albums of each festival: enjoy!
Thank you all... bless you all!
See you next year... or possibly before ;)
After so many years (20 years since ehm 1993) that I have been working in different locations for all kinds of live events, here and now I have finally found my purpose: to facilitated, promote, support organizing this kind of events!
The scene is definitely very "tight" and consistent: now three generations keep all the season alive. As a matter of fact there are always good play grounds for children, very safe situations in the middle of the Nature or at least in a nice, enjoyable open space.
Consciousness level is very high, as it's meant to be in this deep rooted fair and respectful Culture: no mess, no trash thrown around, no bothering from drunken folks, no fights... truly awesome if you think that this tribe is hundreds of people strong and it's growing! 

Rituals, blessings, chanting... all kinds of workshops and relevant talks make the Tribe growing tighter and tighter, becoming always more aware and organized.

Wattage (electric power) of the main p.a. is usually quite low (guessing about 2 or 3 kWatt max) as well as the lighting system (as low as 200 Watt + candles) but the quality of the sound was very high... very well prepared sound engineers paired by very creative stage builders/decorators.

Lots of teepees, beautifully used also as main stage, lots and lots of excellent shops and vendors creating literally an informal flock of vehicles that is always headed to the same common direction... and on top of everything: no hassle from any kind of force neither under uniform or under cover!

Check it out: now follows a list of links to the photo albums of each festival we went to... very happy memories indeed! Enjoy...

Girimiri festival

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