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Wah-shoi! The Spirit of japanese matsuri

So while my luggage is already mostly prepared and the countdown has started before the next big leap along the Path, the time has come to consider the outcome of this summer in Japan. In terms of the human experience, it's been a great opportunity to meet again good old friends and family, making a lot of new amazing connections for the development of future projects. 
After all the efforts done until now... more and more challenges, possibly bigger and bigger will come, but I feel ready to face them all with energy and enthusiasm.

Wah-shoi!... Wah-shoi!
Guessing it's the Spirit of the Matsuri, some sort of a very grounding buzz that makes us feel all interconnected and willing to support each other, with awareness... following a groove, like a drum and bass line!

Dancing with the rhythm of Life!

In this picture, taken by a good friend during the Payaka Asa Matsuri 2013, a fundoshi fellow (traditional japanese underwear) carries a penis-shaped log (yeah) dancing around at the rhythm of "Wah-shoi". Not sure of the deep meaning of this ritual dance that I have seen in many festivals this year: my guess is that it's the living memory of some ancient tribal celebration, in which the release of positive vibrations during a collective event is metaphorically represented by the big penis-log, often given to ride to people when there are many fundoshi fellows joining together; this interesting performance has an amazingly magnetic effect and pulls everybody present into the singing mantra of "Wah-shoi"!
Very powerful experience indeed...

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