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Printing with hemp

So many things happening in this rush of living and I have almost skipped taking notes of all the developments. One of the most thrilling things ever has already been taking shape for me... actually also volume and dimensions: it's 3D printing. Since I saw it in front of my very eyes just one year ago I made all my efforts to make it happen and now we can also design and print with hemp bio plastic HBP, a biodegradable filament patented by the italian company Kanesis derived from hemp fiber leftovers.

The material itself has a very nice feel and can be used for countless applications. These are some of the first simple creations that I have made, assembling natural hemp fabric into this belt:

Thinking about selling these online too. I have just started drawing solids in 3D and getting more knowledge of all the design process. These were actually my very first experiments using PLA polylactic acid derived from corn starch.

Keeping up with the evolution of thinking-things...

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