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Unexpected bamboo in Italy

In these days I really need to give big thanks to all the good stars upthere: sometimes reality gets so unexpectedly amazing that everything seems to fit right here... right now! It just takes the time to let things happen and come to you.
This is the way I eventually bumped in the best italian bamboo I have ever seen. Talking about the real stuff up to 14-15 centimeters of diameter and 15-16 meters long canes. Fabulous.

No time to loose: just get into designing and building stuff right away.
What you're seeing here it's a small demonstration roof: wooden notched frame with bamboo tiles. That simple with these wonderful bamboo poles...

Small selection of hand tools. Most needed when you want to get things well done... Next you can see the first raw of tiles placed on the frame.

Here on top is the corner-edge of the mouted frame with the two layers of bamboo tiles. Totally waterproof going down to the gutters.

Another practical technique in action: joining two pieces one inside the other.
First drill some small holes around the shapes that need to be set in; then chisel out the leftover parts to get a nice tight fit.

Underneath the small piece gets simply stopped by a small bamboo plug passing through a predrilled hole. In this way the two pieces won't get apart.

The result is a nice tight junction.

I will keep posting pictures of other projects in the next days.
There is really a huge potential for creativity... YEY!!!

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