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Hemp houses inaugurated

Beautiful hemp houses inaugurated in north-eastern Italy. Nice design maybe with a little conventional approach, without daring too much with shapes and concepts... but the ecobuilding movement is moving, step after step.

This house has a wooden frame, no concrete, no gas or other source of heating: just full thick hempcrete walls (hemp fiber and lime stone mix), heat-pump system and solar collectors. Lime rendered walls.

This is another building site, using the same hempcrete filling on a conventional concrete structure: this was due to some sort of project improvements along the run, as the architect explained in the public presentation.

The wall supports are lifted up as soon as each layer is dried enough. The hempcrete mix gets tampered down and pressed in shape as the wall grows up to the top. The ceiling continues with the same insulation but just a little thinner layer.

Looking forward to work with this beautiful materials very soon. The local connections are very promising so... we'll keep on this track. Check it out!

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