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Permaculture in miniature

Go and "get the moment" becomes a regular attitude when you're homeschooling and my son is my best teacher for this. If you ever have the chance to go play with the sand... then go for it! Do not loose the chance to do a little Permaculture study.

In fact there isn't just sand to play with: we are in the bed of a very wide creek that carries down rocks of all sizes. 
Seeds fly with the winds and as soon as they get a chance to sprout and root they do it! In this way we can create miniature landscapes and shape them with mini terraces and swales... it's really fun to do.

Green patches follow the natural flow of water, following the dunes likewise mountains and valleys. With small pieces of bricks we can create little houses and villages too. Small rocks reinforce each level like dry walls

Here is a few "settlements"...

In the next pictures there's a volcano and a magic mountain made by my son.

This is the pyramid he made...

It's a really creative activity that gets you completely involved... it's like conquering a whole new planet!

Now we wonder how much is going to last after the next floods... ehm... rains! A new civilization will have to start again a new age of development from the archaeological ruins of the past... next time we come back and play. 

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