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Big harvest of big bamboo

Today it's the very last day of this waning moon phase; so it is the ideal time to harvest bamboo and store it for future building and crafting applications. Partnering with italian company Stilverde and thanks to their logistic organization and local connections, we approach an amazing bamboo forest that needs to be properly reduced and managed.

Feels like somewhere else in the world but we are in the southern part of Friuli, in the north east of Italy. It's a really gorgeous site...

Cutting needs good practice with the main tool of the day, the chainsaw: untangling each pole it's almost like one of those table games where you have to take out one piece at the time figuring out yourself the sequence and the path. 

On a huge scale though... these poles are long up to 16 meters and running away with each pole, before it will eventually fall, it's a quite physical activity. All the poles need to be put to the length of the truck for transporting to the storage location. 

Different sizes and age: one year old on the left, two years old on the right.

At the end of the day, the truck is fully loaded, three other trailer-loads have gone to the biomass dump and we have another load to come and pick up with the truck as soon as possible. 

Giving big thanks, it's been a memorable day!

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